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Crypto Casas

Crypto Casas is an innovative property brokerage built for real estate enthusiasts of the modern era. Through the integration of technology, we facilitate an environment in which your real estate transactions are secure, transparent and efficient. We enable simplified and quicker transactions that can be effectuated remotely from anywhere in the world by employing the use of traditional as well as digital currencies. Our expertise stems from over a decade of extensive experience in the market.
With an aim to connect investors from around the world, we strive to establish a system that facilitates seamless real estate transactions in order to deliver improved client experiences. The key attraction of Crypto Casas is the flexibility enjoyed by our buyers to deal in both regular and crypto currencies, enabled by our partnership with Kanga Exchange, a cryptocurrency backed exchange. As the first ever exchange-backed real estate agency with a provision for crypto currency transactions, and backed by an understanding of the apprehension that virtual currency brings with it, we are set to transform the real estate sector forever.

By merging our proficiency in the sector with that of our partner, we offer our buyers a highly effective and productive experience that combines the best of both worlds – the current and the future shaped by the crypto market.

As a keen investor in the crypto market holding Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tenset, Crypto Casas has recognised a gap in the market for all Crypto holders. With Kanga exchange facilitating the transfer from Crypto to Fiat, we have filled this gap. This provides a simplified transaction for all clients, making it easier for anyone to diversify their portfolio.

Humbled by the trust that we have gained among our valued clients in such a short span of time, we are proud to have created a strong foothold as niche players in the market.

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